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Spring 2021

Life around us has changed and nothing is as simple as it used to be.  I pray that the world gets a handle on this virus and living can return to normal but I fear that may not happen.  While covid continues to disrupt our lives, I will be offering a discount to any retail orders placed for the next year and possibly longer.

Now that the new computer is up and running, I also have the hope that I can update the website more regularly.  No promises . . .   I would like to offer some of my designs for free once they have been digitized and formatted as a pdf.  If you would like to pay something for the design, please make a donation to your local humane society.

Take care, be considerate of others and stay healthy.


help AT bfdesigns DOT on DOT ca

(Sorry for the cryptic email address, I'm trying to reduce the volume of spam sent to this address. Please replace the capital words with the correct symbol and remove the extra spaces when emailing this address)

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Dealer inquiries are always welcome.

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help AT bfdesigns DOT on DOT ca

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